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Asher was founded to be an Enterprise Performance Management Practice Company driven to deliver sustainable results for its clients.

Asher began with a group of management accounting experts that came from Arthur Andersen (now Deloitte). They had an entrepreneurial spirit to develop visionary Corporate Performance Management Technologies. At that time Asher operated under ALG Software/Global Intelligence name and operated across Spanish Speaking Countries.


In 2006 ALG Software was sold to SAP Business Objects for 56 million dollars.  ALG Software was a global provider of EPM (enterprise performance management) software used for profitability management, activity-based costing, predictive planning and strategic business performance measurement. The company had more than 400 customers worldwide, including American Express, Banamex Seguros, British Telecom, Heineken, HSBC, Telefonica, Postal Service and Volkswagen.

With more than 25 years as management accountants, our team has become an authority in Enterprise Performance Management. In Asher, we expect to collaborate with you in our next wave of financial innovation.

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