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A single source of truth for ESG and beyond

We offer a complete EPM solution for delivering sustainability:


  • Most comprehensive Cloud EPM solution on a unified platform

  • Align operational processes to enhance agility

  • Standardize ESG metrics across interconnected systems by managing and reconciling reporting structures

  • Enhance decision-making with advanced analytics and built-in intelligence

  • Compliance with global and local laws, regulations, and guidelines

  • Adaptable to various sustainability standards (CSRD, FSB, UNGP, GRI, SASB, ISSB, and more)

  • Communicate strategic narrative and integrated reporting data effectively


Given the increasing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting, it's essential to have a comprehensive solution that offers transparency to all stakeholders and regulators. Oracle Cloud EPM for Sustainability seamlessly integrates financial and non-financial data, fulfilling reporting requirements and enabling you to plan and manage your ESG practices for the present and the future.

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A single source of confidence in decision-making
Across the globe, lawmakers are expected to implement measures that would enhance sustainability reporting requirements. In the coming years, these regulatory adjustments are likely to significantly affect your organization. Your organization must be prepared for ongoing changes. 

In the current landscape with evolving ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) requirements, using disconnected point solutions that necessitate extensive customization, are expensive, and are difficult to maintain will slow you down. What you need is a comprehensive and adaptable solution to meet your planning and reporting needs as they evolve. 

Every part of your organization will produce ESG data. Supply chain, human resources, ERP, and other operational systems all supply vital data at varying levels of detail and standards. You must gather, convert, standardize, and aggregate this data to attain a complete, consistent understanding of your organization. 

How can you ensure the accuracy of the data being used, and how can you be certain that you are treating metrics and KPIs consistently, according to the latest standards? How do you plan, monitor, and communicate your sustainability goals to ensure that you can fulfill future commitments? How can you put your long-term sustainability goals into actionable short-term plans? 

Leveraging an advanced solution such as Oracle Cloud EPM, which addresses financial, operational, and ESG planning and reporting needs, will not only provide technological benefits but also cost efficiencies across the finance division and the broader organization.

Report with confidence 
ESG reporting serves a critical purpose beyond just compliance and reporting. Management requires a robust platform to analyze and gain insights that truly help them understand their current sustainability practices and make necessary adjustments to their plans.

Using Oracle Cloud EPM, you can collect, standardize, and aggregate ESG data while benefiting from robust dashboarding, seamless MS Office integration, and comprehensive ad-hoc insight into all your ESG KPIs. This platform enables you to meet the reporting requirements of GRI, CSRD, SASB, and other ESG frameworks, as well as both internal and external reporting needs for management, narrative, and regulatory reporting.

Moreover, the inclusive, process-driven approach encompasses all stakeholders in defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing ESG and other report packages for internal and external consumption. You can utilize existing Word, PowerPoint, or PDF-based narrative reports, as well as Excel-based reporting, to integrate data and reporting content from any source through a consistent and controlled process in one location. Notable reporting capabilities include:

  • Ensure compliance with multiple ESG reporting requirements.

  • Efficiently handle reporting for all ESG stakeholders.

  • Deliver formal external reports.

  • Articulate ESG performance using both narrative and data.

  • Produce internal reporting packs and distribute them.

  • Utilize interactive dashboards to monitor ESG goals.

  • Conduct ad-hoc reporting and analysis.

  • Leverage existing MS Office skills.


Planning for a sustainable future 

ESG impacts various aspects of your business, including HR, supply chain, and finance. Planning for the sustainable future of the organization involves more than just setting financial targets. It involves aligning all business areas so that all ESG stakeholders are working towards the same ESG goals. It's also about monitoring progress towards those goals and ensuring that plans are practical and achievable. In addition to providing advanced performance management capabilities, we offer a solution that allows scenario modeling and what-if analysis for continuous improvement of your plans. Oracle Cloud EPM gives operational planners and ESG data owners the flexibility, scalability, and control to create plans according to their needs, while also ensuring the transparency and control necessary for external reporting.


  1. Develop a long-term sustainability plan for the entire organization

  2. Create short-term operational plans to achieve sustainability goals

  3. Engage all ESG stakeholders in a unified planning process

  4. Continuously and securely gather data from external sources for ongoing feedback

  5. Foster collaboration across the organization

  6. Utilize predictive capabilities to verify ESG targets

  7. Conduct what-if and scenario modeling analysis

  8. Ensure secure process flow and approvals

  9. Automate data analysis to swiftly identify issues

Managing and Aligning ESG Enterprise Data

ESG data is gathered from various systems within the organization, such as ERP, HR, supply chain, and other operational systems. These systems often use different standards and frameworks. It is crucial to connect, manage, and standardize the enterprise data from these systems to ensure a consistent view of metrics across multiple ESG frameworks. Having a single source of ESG enterprise data makes it easier to adapt to changing mandates across all systems using a master record of ESG metrics.

Oracle Enterprise Data Management provides the capability to control, manage, and distribute ESG enterprise data, incorporating approval workflow, security, accountability, and audit features, allowing you to:


  • Standardize enterprise data definitions

  • Adapt to new reporting mandates, frameworks, and standards

Begin meeting your ESG requirements today.

There is more to sustainability than just providing data. Delivering a single source of truth for historical and projected sustainability practices is a wide-ranging process, with potentially far-reaching impacts.

Organizations worldwide are eager to showcase their ESG commitments and establish credibility with stakeholders. Oracle Cloud EPM offers a comprehensive solution to help you plan, manage, and report on your ESG practices.

For further information about using Oracle Cloud EPM for Sustainability to meet your ESG requirements, please contact our team of ESG/EPM experts.

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